The Second Beast of Rev. 13

The False Prophet

  We had thought for a long time that the second beast would be Lord Maitreya/Maarrduk.  We are not sure, but he still could also fulfill the role of the false prophet.  It seems more likely, based on scripture of Revelation, that some other person will soon appear to fulfill this role.  

We, also, thought that Maitreya's lead spokesman, Benjamin Creme out of London would be that false prophet, as he was proclaiming Maitreya's coming for many, many years; but he died. We will have to wait now and see who comes along.   

We were told a long time ago this role of the false prophet would be one Ivan Poloskov/Poloskiev from Russia. He still could do so, but he would have to hook-up with Maitreya in some way.  We just know, that these are the times and someone will soon appear to be this false prophet, who will be cast into the lake of fire along with Maitreya/Maarrduk at the end of the 7th trumpet.    More on this topic later.