Come Ye Out of Babylon


Come out of Babylon, my people, and be not partakers of her sins and receive not of her plagues.

Who or what is this Babylon? If you don't know what she is, how can you come out of her? Do You know? What you should first notice is that God's people are in her! They must be in her without knowing it, or they would not be so. We have been sent to call you out of her; this "mystery Babylon the great, the mother of harlots and of abominations of the earth." 

The mystery is solved, as revealed by His Holy angels. There are several clues in Rev. 17 & 18 to the identity of this woman. She is a harlot; she rides the back of the beast with 7 heads and 10 horns; she commits fornication with the kings of the earth; she sits on 7 hills; she carries a golden cup in her hands; she is the mother of other harlots; she is rich; she makes war with and kills the saints; she is a city; and she sits on many nations, peoples and tongues. You must identify her to come out of her. She is not some country or city in the world today. Again the keys to the identity of this Babylon harlot is Daniel chapter 7 and Genesis chapter 11; and, also, the keys to the identity of who or what is the beast upon which she rides.   

As we have shown on other pages, the beast is manifested by a series of kingdoms which will come upon and rule the earth from the time of Daniel (circa 550 BC) to the end of the age. A harlot (who rides this beast) in Bible symbolism is always a false system or way of worship of God. The old testament calls this harlotry, or "playing the harlot." Hosea 4:15-17; Ezk. 16:15-17; Jer. 3:2,6. Therefore, this Babylonian harlot is false worship of God that began with Babylon, circa 2200 BC, and continues to ride this beast with 7 heads and 10 horns all this time and still does. How, where? So, what false system of worship has ridden upon this beast (Babylon I, Assyria, Babylon II, Persia, Greek, Rome, and the Ottaman Empire ) all this time?

 It began with Maarrduk, the god of Babylon , circa 2200 BC. There he usurped the true God's throne on which sat his Son, Enlil. This false way of worship included: false holy days such as the winter solstice; worship of the sun day, not by the moon's days; accepting the sign of the cross for the crossing planet of Maarrduk; worship of other gods, like  the goddess Isthar, the goddess of love and spring fertility; and many other pagan systems that would come along over the passage of time. It was for this very reason that the House of Israel was cast into captivity circa 720 BC, and the House of Judah circa 608 BC. It is for this reason again, that the House of Israel and the House of Judah today will be once again cast into captivity during the 7th trumpet! 

Abraham was directed by God out of this land (Babylon) of Maarrduk worship, circa 2100 BC, with the specific purpose to bring back correct worship of God by his chosen people, and create a new nation which would take back the usurped land of Shem by the Cannanites. Then, the true worship of God the Father, the most high God, was given by the Commandments to Israel, via Moses, circa 1500 BC.

The original apostles of Christ Jesus taught men of these ways of worship of God. But as Satan began to infiltrate the first churches, he was able to get them to add back these pagan worship rituals, and ignore the true ways of worship found in the old testament. The church of Rome, became corrupted by these ways of Babylon over time; by Easter (Isthar), by Christmas (winter solstice festivals), by Sunday Sabbath, by ignoring the true Holy Days of God (Lev. 23), by All Saints Day (Halloween), by the cross (the sign of Maarrduk's planet), and by many other pagan ways. 

Since 325 AD when the Emperor Constantine became the first Christian emperor and the fledgling church began to commit fornication with the kings of the earth, these abominations to God  have increased by the harlot as she has taught them to men and to her daughters, the churches who do these Babylonian ways, and know it not. These churches came out of the mother church, the mother harlot. These very churches of today do Babylon, and know it not. (As does any pagan system of worship of God in the world today.) God's people are in Babylon and know it not. They are so blinded by the traditions of these men of sin, that they believe they do right by God, when they do worship abominations. 

You can not  worship God just anyway you want to.  It is not accepted.  It is sin.  Don't partake of her sins!  When it comes to worship of God the Father, Jesus was sent into the world, circa 6 BC, to show us how to worship and love one another. When it comes to worship of God, IF JESUS DID NOT DO IT OR SAY TO DO IT, DON'T DO IT! Don't do a religious act unless Jesus did. Did Jesus do Christmas? NO. Did Jesus do Easter? NO. Did Jesus do Sunday Sabbath? NO. Did Jesus wear a cross or his Apostles? NO. Did Jesus do Lent? NO. Did Jesus do Halloween? NO. Did Jesus do Good Friday? NO. Did Jesus make or bow down to any statue of a god or saint? NO. These are all false pagan ways, that are not of the God of Israel. If you do them, YOU ARE IN BABYLON!

 Repent and come ye out of Babylon, now before the end of the 6th trumpet. If you do not come out of Babylon, you will remain for the 7th trumpet, the wrath of God, the last plagues, the great tribulation. Babylon does not come into remembrance to God until the end of the 7th trumpet. Rev. 16:19. Then Babylon will be destroyed by Jesus during the battle of Har Megiddo when Jesus will return in the clouds for all the world to see. 

Can you be saved and be in Babylon? Yes, you can. But your rewards will be fewer in heaven, your blessings fewer on earth, and you will have to endure the great tribulation. To be worthy of this escape, you must come out of Babylon...completely. Pray that you are worthy (Luke 21:36), pray that you are right with God in this regard. We hope you all can heed the call and come out of false worship of God, the harlot, the Mystery Babylon of Revelation. Be ye so warned. Don't be cast into the great winepress of the wrath of God, the 7th trumpet, in the near future. Worship God correctly!    Rev. 18:4