UFOs and the Bible


To us at the End Times Church, this is a very important topic of these times. Once you get past the denial that they don't exist, one must work for an answer as to why they DO exist! The answer to this mystery can partly be found in the pages of the Bible. We as Christians must ask: What are these UFOs? What do they have to do with prophecy of the End Times? Who is in control of them? 

"And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth; for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. " Luke 21:25-26 

Some of these "things" are UFOs coming upon the earth. There are many references in the Bible to unusual aerial phenomenon. It has perhaps been best chronicled by  Barry Downing in his book The Bible and Flying Saucers (1968).  He is a retired Presbyterian minister in New York state. He gives Biblical details on the famous events in the skies over the children of Israel, from Genesis to the book of Revelations. 

Along that line, UFOs are notoriously spiritual in nature. They create great fear in many and perplexity in many others. They act like spirits as they come and go quickly (in the blink of an eye quite often!), seem to be under intelligent control, are invisible most of the time, appear mostly to only a select few, bring messages from the heavens, can not be proven by science that they exist (to most people), can alter space and time, portray a lot of power and glory (light), and are a mystery to mankind, to name but a few of their traits. 

The "modern day" phenomenon of UFOs began in 1947 over the skies of Oregon. This being the year of the creation of the state of Israel (no coincidence!), and shortly before this in 1945 , the first use of atomic weapons in war. Ever since that time the revealing of these craft and their occupants has increased in number and quality year by year. From the flap over Washington, DC, in 1952; to the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in 1964; to the multiple videos taken during the 80s and 90s; to the current mass sightings and larger ship videos in the first decade of this century.  The UFO associated phenomenon of  "alien abductions," is also a very spiritual activity. Wherein people are taken suddenly out of their normal day activities or out of their beds at night, lead around on these craft, examined, tested and often given information about others, times , places and events yet to come to pass. It is also important to note that the information imparted often has apocalyptic references. Similar activity has been going on for thousands of years, but not always UFO related.  

To believe that all these "abducting" beings are benevolent or that all of them are evil, is to be extremely narrow-minded. As Christians we are called upon to judge these beings (as good or evil), not the modus used by these beings, i.e. UFOs. We currently believe there are three main groups, or classes, if you will , of these beings. Those associated with Theos and Jesus; those associated with Satan and his legions; and those who are neutral in the conflict between light and dark (positive and negative energies). Some of these beings are purely spiritual, some are purely physical and some are a mixture of both. Hence, the reason for so much  complexity surrounding this phenomenon. Now why would a "spiritual" being use a craft to travel in? It could be for any number of reasons, the best one being that The Almighty just might require it of them. As even spirits are not without their Theos given limitations. We can only try to imagine what these limitations might be, but given the Biblical witness that this is what has happened with spiritual beings, all the way back to Ezekiel on the banks of a river of Babylon( circa 550 BC), and Elijah's transport to heaven by a chariot of fire (circa 800 BC), we can be fairly certain that Theos will continue to allow his created beings to operate in this manner, e.g.: with UFO type craft. 

The Almighty also has given to mankind since the prophet John (circa 80 AD) a method that we can use to test these spirits (or ufonauts), when they try to show up and influence us in one way or another. This is what we mentioned in the opening page of this site, where in First John 4:1-3, the test, or trying of spirits is given. There maybe a limitation to this test, but it is the best thing we have going for us at this time, as these beings try to increase their contacts with mankind. "Try the spirits to know if they are of The Almighty. Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of Theos." This test, and more, has only been used by a handful of humans, to my knowledge, since the test was given to us by John, and this handful of individuals has NOT been by the founders and prophets  of the major religions of today! 

UFOs sightings and contactees will increase in the days and years ahead. To the point where someday ETs will be in overt contact with many humans. Many are already in contact with selected humans and governments, mostly evil ET/spirits, as none have been tested to my knowledge.  Many governments of the earth have already been lead into false beliefs about these beings, their motifs and plans. We currently believe that the dark-side UFOccupants will begin an open attack upon mankind (a flanking maneuver, a false invasion). If not prevented by God, they would have already, long ago, destroyed mankind and the earth! 

A man named Maitreya  will be very involved with this type of activity and may even appear to prevent this false "alien invasion of earth." (Or he will champion all ETs as good and here to help mankind.) Thereby helping to set himself up as the uncontested leader of this planet, even its "savior."; and helping to fulfill the prophecies of what most call the anti-Christ, but who is better understood as the second beast of Rev. 13:11-18, aka the False Prophet.

God's two witnesses of Rev. 11 will also be involved with the UFO phenomenon. They will be prophets in contact  with the good side ETs/ angels. They will be aided by these beings, as Jesus was also ministered to by myriads of angels. They will bring back the truth to earth, but many will not accept their witness and will look upon them as evil for the plagues that they will bring upon the earth. They will be killed by the beast and lie in the streets of Jerusalem for 3 1/2 days. They will arise from death and  will ascend up into the clouds, as Jesus did,  to be taken back into "heaven" after their tasks are completed.  

This occurs at the end of the 6th trumpet, then the 7th trumpet will sound, and the kingdoms of this earth become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ. At the end of the 7th trumpet (the wrath of God), Jesus/Yahshua , His spirits/angels of God, and the saints, will appear at Armageddon (The Battle of Har Megiddo) to physically take back the earth from the dark-side forces of Satan. Jesus and God will come with the Kingdom to earth in the New Jerusalem, Rev.21:10-27. This city will come "down" from heaven, to be established as the Lord's mountain, over the mountains of Judea. It will remain in the clouds as The Almighty's dwelling place for 1,000 yrs. (This can be none other than a massive mother-ship, multi-dimensional craft, which looks like a city with gates. Such a ship has been seen.) 

The battle for earth will be temporarily over for centuries. This ship (Rev. 21), this mountain of God, will be established over the mountain of God on earth, over Jerusalem/Zion. (Isaiah 2:2-3) From which Jesus will reign over this earth, until the last enemy, death, is put down. Satan will be released from the bottomless pit and incarnate into the physical world. He will deceive the whole world AGAIN and lead the world against the Saints at Jerusalem. He will be defeated and cast into the Lake of Fire. Then the kingdom of earth will be delivered up unto God, the Father. The earth and our solar system will be destroyed, and a new heaven and a new earth will exist, and eternity will begin for mankind, some unto eternal damnation and some unto eternal life and glory! This being after the Great White Throne Judgment. (Rev. 20)  

Come quickly, Lord Jesus! 

Yes, UFOs are real and very important in these end times. If you have never seen one, you soon will. Just keep in mind, that with many things, and especially UFOs, not all that appears true....... is. Test the spirits! To know if they are of truth or of falsehood. Do not let these beings reign over you with fear or deceive you with love. For we are not given the spirit of fear but of truth and love and a sound mind! Let no man or spirit deceive you! 

May God bless your works in the name of our Lord, our coming King of the kingdom, Jesus/Yahshua, the Christ, the Anointed One of Israel. For all of Israel shall be saved.   Placed here as a witness for the Lord or lords and King of kings, Jesus our Christ.   Amen