The Two Witnesses


"And I will give unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a 1260 days clothed in sackcloth."

   Another hot topic of speculation about the end times is who or what are these two witnesses for God of the 11th chapter of Revelation? I have read and heard just about all the current theories, from them being two ancient prophets of God; to the two main divisions of the Christian Church, the Catholic and Protestants; to the two testaments, old and new, of the Bible. But maybe, just maybe, these two could be any two Christians alive today. Someone down the street from where you live. Someone from the church in which you worship. Someone who washes and cleans your clothes. Two people who may be waiting to receive power, the Holy Spirit Baptism of God. Let's examine the who's ,why's and maybe's surrounding these two coming prophets of God.

The first fact that we must realize about these two people is that they play two very important roles. First, they are witnesses to the truth about the Gospel of Jesus our Christ. Second, after their witness time they play a more direct role in world affairs, as they become prophets, ie. those who have contact with God or Jesus, directly or via angels. It will be during this second role that they unleash plagues upon the earth that will distress those living upon it.. Their overall message about the truth of God and the correct ways to worship Him will anger many who think they have it all figured out, even to the point of wishing them dead. This will lead to the fulfillment of the prophecy that the world will rejoice at their death and will send presents one to another.

They can not be someone who has already died once, "for it is appointed unto man to die, then the judgment." This rules out Moses, and most other prophets of old whom we know did die. Moreover, Enoch and Elijah were so good and so worthy to escape death, that they were translated into heaven. We also know that the Bible tells us that flesh and blood can not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, therefore, these two had to change from flesh to immortality to do so, and hence do not have to return to the physical to suffer and die. That leaves the field wide open for just about anyone to become these two in these days.

A woman could also qualify. (Jeremiah 31)

The symbolism and words of Chapter 11 of Revelation show plainly that these two are human beings and not something like the testaments, the churches, etc., which can not lie dead in the streets of Jerusalem and be resurrected on the third day, or be prophets!  No, these are two living, breathing human beings!

The first and second verses of Rev. 11, also imply a connection between these two and the temple of Yahweh. This leads one to think they will be instrumental in getting the next temple built. This then would allow the beast who ascends out of the bottomless pit, aka Maarrduk,  to make war with them and to kill them at the end of the 6th trumpet; and would allow him to accomplish the abomination (Daniel 12:11) that makes desolate in the Temple on the Holy Mount in Jerusalem (Matthew 24). They are then resurrected before the world after 3 1/2 days and are raptured up to heaven (the second rapture) into a cloud as Jesus was from the Mount of Olives. 

This is the time when the Holy Spirit is taken out of the way (it can not leave until these two anointed of God leave this world) which allows the revealing of this beast/man of sin and the powers of evil to accomplish the 7th trumpet, the great tribulation, the final plagues, the wrath of God on earth.

We believe they are alive and on the earth today (Nov 4, 2017) and are awaiting the baptism of the Holy Spirit, as Jesus did for almost 30 yrs. of his life. We don't know the exact time-line, but it must be close. We need to be watching for them, and for the beast, and for his mark and for his image of the first beast. We were instructed to watch. Watch for the Lord to come in the clouds of heaven. Are you watching?  

Come quickly, Lord Jesus. Amen

Prepare ye the way of the Lord!