The Spiritual Reality of the UFO Phenomenon


It was with great interest that I recently read an editorial/sermon by the editor of the magazine Legendary Times put out by the organization AASRA. (Archaeology, Astronautics, SETI Research Association) No doubt that this is a strange bed-fellow relationship here between a semi-scientific organization and a theology of The Almighty, as summarized by Giorgio Tsoukalos, Chairman and Co-founder of AASRA. Being a member of this organization since about its inception, I felt a need to comment on this position, so enthusiastically expounded upon by Mr. Tsoukalos.  Be we right or be we wrong, we all seem to have this need to understand the past, present and future in relation to the god(s). However, it is time for the limited concept of the nuts and bolts theology of UFOs and ancient astronauts to be laid to rest. In order to truly understand the past, present and future, and what are and from where are UFOs, you have to allow yourself one important indulgence...DON'T PLACE LIMITS ON THE ALMIGHTY! 

The multi-faceted aspects of the UFO phenomenon are best understood as a "spiritual" activity; from abductions to ghosts, these beings are not physical. A lot of this activity is from the dark-side. Especially  activity like channeling, past-lives, reincarnation, automatic writing, poltergeist/ghosts, astrology, etc., are activities associated with the negative side beings.   Most  UFO craft themselves are not physical, as we know physical.  They can come and go in the "blink of an eye." Such things are not bound by the laws of physics of this world, at least not as we know these laws today. Which all leads one to speculate from where exactly did they all come and why? There was a war, a rebellion, in heaven as the Bible relates.  This is a heaven outside the realms of our universe.  Satan, a brother of Jesus, rebelled against God the Father.  He choose to lead the dark-side/negative forces. God and Jesus co-created the physical world out of the energy of God in order to help solve this dispute. 

This physical world; therefore, is a "real" illusion.  These spirits/gods know how to control this illusion.  The dark-side controls it in  a way to lead man away from the truth, and the light-side leads people towards the truth. This is the war.  We are the prize.  At least, the spirit that is inside you is the prize, the goal of each side, the deciding factor in who wins or looses this war. This is a spiritual war, manifesting into this physical world, which is an illusion.  Confused?  Many are.      

 Related to all this is the debate over evolution and creationism which has been going on since Darwin purposed the theory in 1859. The Scope's trial of l925 only allowed for the drawing of the line-in-the-sand between the two theologies. Yes, both are theologies or theories, nothing more or less. Neither can be proven scientifically beyond a shadow of doubt to the masses. However, for me, they are both only part of the overall truth of the matter. Yes, we were created and yes, we evolved over time... to an extent. However, in so concluding , we have limited our view to this physical world. And in so doing, we make a big mistake. All have done it, and Mr. Tsoukalos and Legendary Times are no different. There is much, much more than just " nuts and bolts," molecules and atoms, or gases, liquids and rocks in this physical universe. So much more, we all would just be dumb-founded to know the full truth! (God did not limit Himself either!)  

 In order to truly understand the first two chapters of the Bible in  the book of Genesis, as recorded by Moses, circa 1500 BC, one must understand that much of it is symbolic and translated with some bias through the millennia. Truly, it was the Elohim (the plural Hebrew word for gods) who created this world and who created mankind in their image.(Genesis 1:26) However, mankind did not get created just once as many Bible scholars have assumed, but several upgrades of homo-sapiens have occurred over the eons (eg: not just 7 days) of time; all accomplished by genetic manipulation by the Elohim/gods/ETs over the millennia and cycles of this planet earth. These jumps, or up-grades, are the missing link(s), of the evolutionists, and can be understood in this light, a God directed evolution of all physical life. 

In the first chapter of Genesis 1:27-28, we see that Adam (men and women) were created by the gods and told to go out and replenish the earth. (It had to be plenteous once to be replenished.) This may have been the Neanderthal man or an earlier species; then Cro-magnon man was another up grade. Later in Genesis, chapter 2, we read about the creation of a new, special, upgrade of man (Adam, who was not the first MAN), who now is different than all other created mankind. This was done by a particular Elohim now given a name...Yahweh/YHWH. Adam and Eve are the progenitors of modern man, a Cro-magnon man upgrade, the first human with advanced intelligence as imparted unto him by the spirits of the gods. (And Yahveh Elohim created man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the spirit of life; and man became a living soul. Gen. 2:7.) This specific genetic upgrade was not just genetic but was also spiritual. Adam (this special upgrade of Cro-magnon man) now became a dual being, both spirit and flesh (the beginning of incarnations of the spirits and a new cycle of mankind), AND intelligent enough to create civilizations! This event occurred circa 4,000 BC. Soon, after came the great civilization of Sumer; the land of Shinar; the land of the Watchers... modern day Iraq; later to become the land of Babylon.   

Before all this, in the beginning, God , the "IT" of Mr. Tsoukalos, created the Spirits. The first born Son of these spirits was Yahweh. Yahweh was initially known as En.lil, the most high Elohim of heaven and earth, in the land of E.den, as so correctly described by Zacharia Sitchin, in his numerous books on this matter. The first civilizations worshipped this Son as their Most High Elohim of Heaven and Earth, and until the time of the flood, circa 2450 BC. He was known by this name, Enlil, but after the flood many things changed. The gods no longer walked among all mankind (there was no longer an open vision, Isaiah 3:1). Over centuries of time Enlil's name became shorten unto El, and the plural thereof later became a generic term of the gods, the Elohim. By the time of Moses, this particular Elohim allowed His original spiritual name of Yahweh to be known.(Ex 6:1-3) That is why, if you read the old testament in the original Hebrew you will see that the translation "the Lord God" in the King James' version, should almost always instead be translated as "Yahweh, your Elohim." This ET/Spirit/God became the Elohim of the people of Abraham, later the Elohim of IsraEL. ("And they shall place the name of Yahweh upon the children of IsraEL, and He will bless them." Numbers 6:27) 

These Elohim can best be understood in our present day terms as "spiritual extraterrestrials." They are not of the flesh, not nuts and bolts beings, but are eternal Spirits whom have ALWAYS been involved with mankind and always will be. These elohim appeared to leave after the flood, when there was no more "open vision", but in fact did not leave mankind, just hid their faces from him and placed an embargo of open contact upon the earth until the final days, or this cycle of mankind is over. (This prime-directive is why SETI, the scientific search for extraterrestrial intelligence, will not succeed. At least not with radio waves.) Theos did not create the universe and then abandon it, as Mr. Tsoukalos suggests, but to the contrary, is ever watching the outcome of this battle for planet earth and for the right to rule the universe. And just whom is fighting this battle for planet earth, and the spirits who inhabit it, us? Why the Elohim/spirits, who else? Will they return as they pledged? Yes, but not as Mr. Tsoukalos suggests. They are still here and waiting for the right time to reveal themselves, each side having their own plan. 

 Long before the creation of this physical, nuts and bolts universe, the created Spirits fractured into two basic camps, the positive and the negative or the good and the evil. This resulted in a war in heaven (Rev. 12). After the creation of this universe with God using the positive and negative energies that He created, eons ago, (sorry creationists, that part you got wrong) the war extended into this realm. The war did not heat up on earth until the creation of the dual (flesh and spirit) beings Adam and Eve. The war is over the eternal spirit that is in each of us, not over our flesh, which can not enter into the kingdom of heaven. This war is coming to a finale in this generation/cycle of mankind, which started about 4,000 BC with the final count down beginning May 14, 1948. (The creation of the modern nation of IsraEL) It is no accident that the modern era of UFOs began in 1947, during the creation of the current state of IsraEL.

These signs (ufos) in the clouds are only one of the signs to awaken people to the presence of these beings who watch over us. (Crop-circles are another.)  Evolution alone did not create the different races of mankind. Only a few, eight, originals survived the flood, and we did not get all the races via evolution over just 4,500 yrs. from these middle easterners on the ark. All the races have been planted/seeded here from time to time by the ET/gods. (Matthew 13, seeding of the wheat and tares.) That is why the Ancient Astronauts concept is correct. This has been a long-term project of physical/genetic and spiritual seeding. Again, a dual process.  

All cultures hold religious beliefs that their gods came from ABOVE! The Mayans in particular were a colony from space that could not flourish among war-like mankind, and were taken off the earth, circa 1000 AD. Their calendar given to them by the god, Enki (to us Satan, the serpent god, the god of knowledge, Kulkulkan), depicts that an end of age will occur around Dec.21, 2012 AD. This well could be an important date for some of the ETs/gods. (More likely, if Dec 21 of that year means anything, it could be the start of the age of Aquarius.) And if the gods return on that date, it will not be a homecoming of blessed events. Because, remember this is a war, with mankind in the middle of it. However, beware, the dark-side will probably show up first!   

You may think, why should I believe such stuff. This kind of thing is what Mr. Tsoukalos calls "crackpots that make the life of true researchers like us, more difficult," or all "us nuts of different cults who believe we have been given a revelation of tall order to reveal unto the world." Well, Mr. Tsoukalos and all those of like-mindedness, you who continue to proclaim "foul" as the truly close-minded scientists of this world reject YOUR theories; we who are of similar like-mindedness as you, wish to be heard as well above the din of egotism and outlandishness going on in the world these days. (Partly thanks to this ongoing war between the two forces, one of light and one of darkness.) We want our ideas also heard, as all ideas should be heard in the schools, churches, synagogues, mosques, etc., around the world. So that, each person can make up his or her own mind regarding the truth after hearing all the facts and all the theories of gods/ETs/religion. Without open discussion truth can not come to light.  

One of the most famous contactees, Ezekiel, which the AASRA seems to relate to over and over in their writings, is one of the prophets in the bible where a person can start to find truth about the UFO phenomenon. For the prophets of old, the old contactees (like Moses, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Jesus, etc.) hold the keys to the truth about UFOs and the past of the earth. But, likewise, there are contactees during these days who also have some of the truth about the days of old, about the days when the gods lived, worked and reigned over this earth. Don't shut them out, as other scientists have shut you out. I am proud to be a friend to some of these modern day contactees, prophets of these times, witnesses to the days ahead and to the times gone by. They are not nuts. They have been given "bolts" from above. They have a story to tell. Listen to them, with discernment because the dark-side forces plant lies, false-hoods, graven images in the minds of men as part of their tactics in this war for the spirits of mankind. There is one important guide-post in the Bible relating to this discernment. It is in First John 4:1-3. All spirits/ETs must confess with their own mouth/minds that "Jesus Christ was sent or has come in the flesh." If they impart any information of any kind and this test was not used during the contact, face to face, not via any other channel, the information should be discounted. 

The nuts and bolts of the nuts and bolts must include the spiritual, the other realms of creation. The ones you can't see, hear ,smell or touch ..... most of the time. Spiritual things are of a science as well. A science currently out of reach for mankind. God used 7 forces to help create the physical plane. Only 4 of these forces have been discovered by mankind to date. The ET/angels/gods know how to apply these forces to this realm, as did Jesus. This is how miracles appear to happen. This is how science is also truth. Science and religion will come back together again someday......soon.

 Please notice, UFOs and gods have similarities. I am not saying UFOs are God, but they have several things in common: They both are associated with clouds. They act spiritually. They are not of this world but are in this world. They are most often invisible. Few people get to see them or talk to them. They bring special messages to mankind. They reveal themselves to only a few special people. Most believe on them by faith. They are powerful. They are of great glory (light). They come and go in the blink of an eye. They perform miracles. They fly, where they often show up in the heavens. They will return to the earth;  as will Jesus/Yahweh.  

      "And there will be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars: and upon the earth distress among nations, with perplexity; the sea and waves roaring; men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth; for the powers of heaven shall be shaken, and then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up , and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws nigh." Jesus, circa 29 AD; recorded in Luke 21:25-28 

"Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken. And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven; and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." Jesus, circa 29 AD; recorded in Matthew 24:29-30. 

Finally, with all that in mind, we can answer the question poised by Zacharia Sitchin, as to "who created the elohim/gods/ETs?" The answer is........The Most High Elohim did. That still begs the final question,  however;   Who created that Being? The answer is coming........soon (in this generation of men) to planet earth in the clouds of heaven. (First written July 26, 2005; updated Jan. 16, 2013 , updated Oct. 28,2017)

PS:  Now, note that when you try to sort out the above information, there is another wild-card on this table, e.g.,  the true nuts-and-bolts, physical ETs of this universe!  :-)  What in the universe are they up to!?  As you can see the answer to the UFO mystery is not a simple one, but can best be understood from a spiritual perspective. The major questions will be answered in the day that the Elohim allow it.....the Day of the Lord/Yahweh. God started it all and God will finish it, and then renew it. God bless your efforts to seek the truth about Him........and Them.  Amen