"Here is wisdom. Count the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number 666"

Who is this Maitreya/Maarrduk guy anyway? He has several names to date and claims to hold several positions important to the world religions. But his "name" must add up to 666 to qualify to be a beast of Rev. 13. We believe we have found the answer. We believe that each of us have a spirit and that spirit has been named, by God. We are dual beings, a spirit inside a body.  One of Maitreya's spiritual names was/is Maarrduk. So, who was Maarrduk?  We believe that our church is the only one on this planet that has the answer to this question. You are going to read it here first. (spring 2010; update 2017) 

The ancient clay tablets of Sumer and Babylon tell an important story of the ancient days. A story that is correlated to Genesis of the Bible, and the book of Enoch.  A story that is relevant today.    Along time ago, beings other than humans came to his planet long before the flood, circa 2500 BC. You could call them spirits, extraterrestrials, or gods. Some were good and some were evil. The leader of the evil beings was a god/spirit called Enki, who had rebelled in heaven a long time ago. 

Enki's  symbol was the snake.  He was the god of knowledge in Eden  (the house of the righteous ones); a great tree of knowledge in the mist of the Garden. Enki was a brother of Enlil, maybe a half-brother, the most high God of heaven and earth.  These were two of the top 12 gods (Pantheon) of ancient Sumer, in the land of Eden, circa 3500 BC. 

Enlil was the most high god of the gods of heaven and earth. Enki wanted this position, but could not obtain it. Each had/has sons and daughters(spiritually). Enki came to be in command of the darkside forces and Enlil, in command of the forces of light. Today we know Enki as Satan/Lucifer/Dragon/Devil and Enlil as Elohim/Yahveh/El/Jesus/Yashua.  Enki  had a first born son and his name was Maarrduk. (Some spell his name Marduk.) 

This son became a very active rebel of the dark-forces. His main base of power and worship was Egypt before the flood,  where he was called Ra. He tried to take over reign of the earth, as his father Enki had failed before him. His attempts are recorded in the ancient tablets of Sumer. He did not attain success until after the Flood, circa 2500 BC. Around 2200 BC, Maarrduk was able to capture and control the area of Mesopotamia, and his capital city was Babylon/Babel (built after the flood) , and there they built the tower of Babel;  Gen. chapter 11.(A great temple to worship their chosen most high god,  Maarrduk.)  In so during , he usurped the throne of Enlil, who was stationed in a nearby town called Nippur, and so Maarrduk  began  false worship of God on earth known as Babylon, the harlot in Rev. 17. And Enlil moved his power base, with the help of Abraham to the area called Cannan, where was the city to become known as Jerusalem. 

 Maarrduk became the patron high god of Babylon. He reigned as such in that area until the overthrow of Babylon II, circa 538 BC, when Cyrus the Great of Persia conquered that town and region. However, the religion of Babylon that he founded, survived and carried on to this day.(Persia was just another head of this beast.) (See page on Babylon.) This real, spiritual being, Maarrduk, was sent  into the bottomless pit, at some point, to re-emerge at the end times.(Rev. 11:7) These are those end times and he has come forth from the bottomless pit. This time to incarnate into the flesh as a man. He is now the beast that was, was not, yet now is. (Rev. 17:8) He is still second in command of the dark-side forces. His father, Enki , is known best by the name of Satan or the Dragon.

Maarrduk is the Son of Satan! This is why he is now returned to reign over the earth once again and to reign over the false worship system of Babylon.   Yes, it all adds up. If you count the number of Maarrduk's name,  in the Ionic Greek system; it adds up to 666 exactly:                


​                Mu, alpha, alpha, rho, rho, delta, upsilon, kappa = 666!   

This Maarrduk has returned (incarnated this time) as lord Maitreya.  He will be cast into the lake of fire forevermore, because of his rebellion and false system of worship of God. (Rev. 19:20)  Think it only coincidence? Think it is just our wild imagination here in Kansas?  You must have wisdom. Count the number of the name of the beast. For it is the number of a man, and his number is 666! This god/man will step into the Temple of God in Jerusalem after he has killed the two witnesses, who will build the Temple,  and will proclaim himself god and ruler over the earth. (II Thes 2) This is the Abomination of Desolation as spoken by our Lord Jesus (Matthew 24)  and the prophet Daniel (Chapter 12). Then will Jerusalem be desolated until the end. (Daniel 11)  

Be ye so warned! Be ye called out of Maarrduk's Babylonian false religions. (Rev 18:4)  And do not take his Mark! God bless your works for Jesus Christ the Son of the One True Most HIgh God.  Amen.